Benefits of Lithuanian Spirulina

The growing technology developed by our scientists, which ensures the timely provision of the growing medium with nutrients and the process of photosynthesis, increases the amount of the blue pigment phycocyanin (as an indicator of the quality of Spirulina) in the biomass to an unprecedented level 17-20%. It should be noted that the activity of Spirulina biomass is manifested when the content of phycocyanin is not less than 12%.

Growing in bioreactors

Lithuanian Spirulina is grown in closed bioreactors without direct contact with the environment. This is very important because Spirulina tends to accumulate heavy metals. Unlike imported Spirulina, Lithuanian Spirulina reaches the consumer with the most effective amount of substances and without impurities.


The vast majority of Spirulina growers use various mechanisms to increase productivity. The Spirulina cell does not have cellulose and can be damaged very easily. When growing, harvesting, filtering, we use exclusively manual labor, which guarantees the highest quality of Spirulina.

100% digestible

When Spirulina grows naturally, some of its valuable organic and mineral substances are difficult to assimilate, so the environment in our bioreactors is enriched with essential trace elements that help the human body absorb all the valuable substances of Spirulina.


unique product line

It is a combination of natural fresh Spirulina platensis biomass and fructose. Fresh Spirulina is up to 10 times more effective than dried Spirulina and retains almost all of the nutritional properties of cyanobacteria

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