About us

About us

CJSC Florovitas

Top quality Spirulina producer in Europe. The growing technology developed by our scientists, which ensures the timely provision of the growing medium with nutrients and the process of photosynthesis, increases the amount of the blue pigment phycocyanin (as an indicator of the quality of Spirulina) in the biomass to an unprecedented level 17-20%

Using our intellectual capabilities, we have been applying efficient technologies for algae cultivation and phytochemical extraction for more than 20 years, developing and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals.

Areas of activity

The direction of the company’s activity is biopreparations of natural origin. The fields of activity of the company combine the possibilities of biological and technical science. This is the use of biological processes and systems in agriculture, industry and medicine. The company’s activities are based on the achievements of microbiology and biochemistry, which allow expanding the practical possibilities of biotechnology.

Company goals

Combine the scientific potential of Lithuania and other countries, apply it in production technologies, reduce biosphere pollution, reduce Lithuania’s dependence on imported non-renewable and other raw materials, use agricultural resources more efficiently, reduce environmental pollution, greenhouse effect.


Dubysos st. 1, Kulautuva, 53478 Kaunas district, Lithuania


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Scientific work, innovations and their introduction into production are an integral part of the company's work


These drugs serve as a prevention of metabolic insufficiency and many diseases, incl. oncological diseases, diseases of the circulatory system, digestive disorders, insufficiency of individual body functions.

Biofuel production

The processes occurring in the production of biofuels are based on the ideology of biotechnology. In the process of production using biotechnological processes, algae are forced to synthesize the necessary materials from which biofuels are produced: biodiesel, biogasoline, biogas.

Growing microalgae

Microalgae are an indispensable source of natural vitamins, proteins, various organic acids and other organic compounds and trace elements. The company maintains close ties with world scientists and practitioners working in the field of algology.